Lesson 3

Lesson n°3 – 7th of December 2022 

English course by Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi

Topic of the lesson: Revision/brush up our previous lesson before going on 

Nice to meet you = Piacere di conoscerlaNice to see you = Che bello vederti
Secondo me: Used only according to a credible source Eg: according to the Newyork Time/To Sky News.. Speaking:  1.     
Silke: I believe this winter is going to be very cold
2. Mariangela: In my opinion winter is better than Summer.
3. Mario: From my point of view I think today it’s very sunny but cold. I prefer Summer for its long and warm days,
4. Alessandro: From my prospective this lesson is much more useful than the previous ones.*
5. Angela Gallo: The way I see is that the school door is now closed,
6. Angela Giustarini: I think these lessons might be very useful for us.
7. Lucia  I believe in freedom.
8. Gabriella: In my opinion this is a difficult period for me.
9. Simona: I think i am one of the best grandmothers in Volterra!
10.  Antonella: from my point of view this lesson is quite difficult!
11. Stefania: the way I see it is that this school is too big.
12. Maria Grazia: I believe I have the opportunity to learn English quite well.
I think
I believe
In my opinion
From my prospective
From my point of view
The way I see is..
Note 1:uncle- auntniece/nephew granfather/ grandmothergrandson/ grandaughter 
Note2 :He is as tall as you are  
He is taller than you are 
He is more important than you are. 
He is less important than you are. He is the tallest. 
He is the most important student in this class.
Quando il gioco si fa duro e i duri cominciano a giocare When the going gets tough, the tough get going=
Prendere le difese di qualcuno/dire la verità..
1  backs someone up
2  take side with someone Pair work:I’ve decidee to take side with /support/champion/stand by—-/help/to be with/stick up for/take the side of/to be on the side of/ you Listen:  Skylar Grey – Stand By Me (Official)(2.27)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2bcUxUOUQg           More difficult words in the text:
crumble= si sbriciola/sgretola
shed a tear =  versare una lacrima  
Stand by Me | Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows – The Royal Wedding – BBC (8.16)
That is probably the most beautiful version of Stand by Me
STAND BY ME. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon (official music video HD) (3.32)
Stand By Me | The Buzztones | (Ben E King A Cappella Cover)(2.48)
Listen and sing: Stand by me – Ben E. King (Acoustic karaoke) (3.14)
To avoid VERY use:
Extremely interesting, important Incredibly interesting
tremendously useful
particularly useful
dead good  https://www.wordreference.com/enit/dead                  
ottimo really good
amazing film 
terrific film             stupendo grande esagerato
splendid  film
awesome film bellissimo eccezionale
outstanding film
eccezionale   Terribly
Stop saying “VERY” in IELTS Speaking: Build your Vocabulary.from .3.15. to 4.46
STOP saying “VERY”Listen and write: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/NyaWxm_2TNc 
Instead of very say: 
Very scared/ Petrified
Very confused/perplexed
Very loud/deafening
Very calm/serene
Very intelligent/brilliant
very slow/sluggigh
Very shining/gleaming very serious/grave