20a Lezione

Corso PET Presidente Maurizio Righi
Thursday 15th March 2018

Unit 7 FOOD.
• Contents:
Food and cooking: talking about restaurantsmaking food countable, cooking verbs, International dishes.
Restaurant reviews.food shops. Kitchen objects. Menus.
Making suggestions
Writings: letters, emails. General conversations.
Requests and offers: Making requests and offers: Could I have an apple please?

S/S: Warmer ex 1. Look at the picture:
1. What can you see?
2. What meal are the people having?
3. What do you think they are eating and drinking’
An adult and three teenagers are eating in what seems to be a school canteen.
They are probably eating lunch.
They are eating salad and sandwiches and they are drinking some juices and mineral water. Some cartons (A carton is a box or container usually made of paperboard and sometimes of corrugated fiberboard. Many types of cartons are used in packaging. Sometimes a carton is also called a box) of juice are on the table…..
+ vocabulary ex 2, 3, 4, 5 pag 34.
Vocabulary ex 6 + 7 + 8 pag 35.
GRAMMAR: much/many/a lot/lots of. Pag 101.
Uva spina gooseberry Fico fig That cool guy talked to me!
more blackberry pompelmo grapefruit
Mirtillo blueberry ananas pineapple
Ribes currant avocado avocado With shimps
ribesnero blackcurrant banana banana
Fragola strawberry mandarino tangerine
Anguria watermelon limone Lemon
popone melon arancia orange
Mango mango albicocca apricot
susine plums Noce walnut
cachi persimmon castagna chestnut
pesca peach nocciolina peanut
pera pear mandorla almond
pomelo ciliegie cherries
Gelso mulberry

zizzola jujube
nespola loquat
corbezzola Arbutus berry
pinolo Pine nut
pistacchio pistacchio

Quantitative adjectives: Much/Many. See Grammar Bank pag 101.
Ex 9 + 10 pag 35.
MAX pag 32: ex 1 + 2 + 3.
• Song:
Ed Sheeran – Perfect [Official Lyric Video]

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