22a Lezione

Corso PET Presidente Maurizio Righi
Tuesday 27 March 2018
Unit 7 FOOD
Food and cooking: talking about restaurantsmaking food countable, cooking verbs, International dishes.
Restaurant reviews.food shops. Kitchen objects. Menus.
Making suggestions
Writings: letters, emails. General conversations.
Requests and offers: Making requests and offers: Could I have an apple please?

Check your Homework:

MAX: reading part 1. Noon=12 Once/twice.. to store= to put

+ Writing part 2.

Listening Part 1 pag 35. Uso di feel like+ing.http://context.reverso.net/tra…/inglese-italiano/i+feel+like

Speaking Part 4 pag 35.

• Learn Food Vocabulary | Talking Flashcards time 1.19

• Learn Fruit Vocabulary | Talking Flashcards time 2.19

• Learn Drinks Vocabulary | Talking Flashcards time 5.26

• Learn Vegetables Vocabulary | Talking Flashcards time 2.19

Maple = acero
Noodles = fettuccine/tagliatelle….
Use your noodle! = usa il cervello!
Pineapple = ananas
Watermelon = cocomero
Melon = popone
Blueberries = mirtilli
Eggplants = melanzane
Cucumbers = cetrioli

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