7a Lezione

Corso serale di inglese 2018/19 🇬🇧 📚
Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi
• Felicity O’Dell “Total Pet” Student’s book”, Black Cat.
• Felicity O’Dell “Total Pet “Vocabulary Maximizer” , Black Cat.
Lesson 7
Monday 18/02/2017

Daily life:
Homework’s check:
Vocabulary revision pag 8 ex 1 + 2 work in pairs.
Who was born in the 50s (2 people) / 60s (2 people) / 70s (4 people) / 80s (2 people) / 90s(nobody/no-one)?
+ 3 + 4 + 5.
Shop keeper (negoziante)
Shop assistant (commesso)
Accounting (contabile/ ragioniere/ commercialista)
Item (articolo)
Table (tavolo)
floor (impiantito/pavimento)
stout (tarchiato)
scream/shout (gridare/urlare)
Girl Horror Scream Sound Effects All Sounds

Saucers/knifes/spoons /forks…
Jar (barattolo/vasetto)
Brush (spazzola/spazzolare)
Glass (bicchiere/ vetro)
Spout (beccuccio)
Pour (versare)
Grab (afferrare/ mangiare)
Ride a horse /a bicycle (cavalcare/ andare in bici)
Go by car/bus/train/underground…Andare in macchina/bus/treno/metro
Handle (manico, maniglia)
Steamed up (ribollire con vapore)
Tip me over (rovesciami)

I’m A Little Teapot (with lyrics) – Nursery Rhymes by EFlashApps

Irregular plurals:
1 foot 2 feet
1 tooth 2 teeth
1 man 2 men
1 woman 2 women

Karaoke Blowin’ In The Wind – Peter, Paul and Mary

La Parola Più Difficile In Inglese: GET

Karaoke Blowin’ In The Wind – Peter, Paul and Mary

Maximizer / homework:
Vocabulary Extension pag 9 ex 6 + 7 + 8 + 9
Reading part 3 pag 10

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