25a Lezione

Corso PET Presidente Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi
Tuesday 19th april 2018

Unit 7 FOOD.
• Contents:
Food and cooking: talking about restaurantsmaking food countable, cooking verbs, International dishes.
Restaurant reviews.food shops. Kitchen objects. Menus.
Making suggestions
Writings: letters, emails. General conversations.
Requests and offers: Making requests and offers: Could I have an apple please?


• Writing Bank: writing paper part 3: continuous writing.
How to write an informal letter in reply to a part of letter written by a friend. Pag 114 and 115.

Exercise 26 pag 37. Please write on a worksheet.

English conversation: Ordering Food – Fast Food Restaurant

Complaining at a Restaurant – Food English Conversation – English lesson about food.

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