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Corso serale di inglese 2018/19 🇬🇧 📚
Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi
• Felicity O’Dell “Total Pet” Student’s book”, Black Cat.
• Felicity O’Dell “Total Pet “Vocabulary Maximizer” , Black Cat.
Lesson 2

Introduce ***yourself.(Presenarsi)
Formal: Informal:
What’s your name?
What’s your job?
Who are you?

How are you?
Fine thanks/ not well/ bad …

LYRICS: I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m very happy (x2) How are you? How are you? How are you, today? I’m sad, I’m sad, I’m sad I’m very sad (x2) I’m angry I’m tired I’m hungry…

Anch’io= me too/so do I.
Reflexive pronouns:
• I — myself
• you — yourself/yourselves
• he — himself
• she — herself
• one — oneself
• it — itself
• we — ourselves
• they — themselves

Puntualizzazzione del clip e del suo vocabolario.
Nice to see/meet you: (Time 1.59) (Piacere)

These videos cover a wide range of compelling topics from an international perspective. The concept behind the videos is that a viewer is “channel surfing” through a variety of TV channels, and the segments are “snippets”( = ritagli) (http://www.wordreference.com/enit/snippet) of the shows that the viewer comes across.

How do you do/ How do you do. (piacere) https://context.reverso.net/…/inglese-italiano/How+do+you+do

Pronomi personali soggetto/oggetto
he /she/it
Pronomi personali oggetto
To be
I am
You are
he is
We are
You are
They are

Interrogative to be Negative to be
Am I ?
Are you ?
Is he ?
Are we ?
Are you ?
Are they? I am NOT
You are NOT
He is NOT
We are NOT
You are NOT
They are NOT

To have
I have
You have
He has
We have
You have
They have

Interrogative to have Negative to have
Have I?
Have you?
Has he?
Have we?
Have yoy?
have they?
I have NOT
You have NOT
He has NOT
We have NOT
You have NOT
They have NOT


Cenni su present simple Present continuous.
I close —–the door
You close
She closes
We close
You close
They close I am closing —-the door
You are closing
He is closing
We are closing
You are closing
They are closing
*** al presente semplice, alla III persona singolare si aggiunge la S. Quando però il verbo termina per S SH CH X Z O si aggiunge ES, esempio:
To teach= insegnare
to push: spingere
He teaches
He pushes

Present simple Interrogative/Negative
DO I close ———the door
DO You close
DOES She close
DO We close
DO You close
DO They close I DON’T close ——–the door
You DON’T close
She DOESN’T close ( la s cade)
We DON’T close
You DON’T close
They DON’T close
DOES alla terza persona.

Present continuous Interrogative/Negative
DO + I am NOT closing ——the door
You are NOT closing
He is NOT closing
We are NOT closing
You are NOT closing
They are NOT closing
DOES alla terza persona.

Tell ( nel discorso indiretto) say ( nel discorso diretto e in dire che
Tell me if you like him.
She says “I like him”.
She says she likes him.
She says (that) she likes it.


Let me close—the door
Let him/her/ close
Let us close
Let them close

In senso generale: to speak
Conversare: to talk
I speak English. What are you talking about?

I Here (qui). There/over there (là).

• Homework:
Watch this clips:
Introduce Yourself/ people : (Time 2.21)

Greetings and Introductions Basic (1.28)

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