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Corso serale di inglese 2018/19 🇬🇧 📚
Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi
• Felicity O’Dell “Total Pet” Student’s book”, Black Cat.
• Felicity O’Dell “Total Pet “Vocabulary Maximizer” , Black Cat.
Lesson 9
Monday 04/03/2019

• Maximizer
Daily life:
Writing part 2 pag 10 (Corretti individualmente)
Hi Tom,
On Sundays I usually get up at 9.00 and go to bed at 11.00.
I spend all day with my family: walk in the morning , have lunch at home then we go to the cinema.

• Student ‘s book:

Listening pag 10 Ex 13 :
N 1 student, n 2 teacher, n 3 pensioner, n 4 schoolchild, n 5 film star.

+ Ex 14 fill in the gaps:
Speaker 1: Have/ my hair/ my teeth/ put on.
Speaker 2: wake up/ of bed/ shower/ get dressed/.
Speaker 3: turn on/ listen to/ have.

Ex 15 (take notes):
Speaker 4: schoolchild
Speaker 5: film star.
Wake up 8,
go to bathroom,
his sister always in, get dressed,
comb hair , go downstairs
no breakfast only cup of tea,
put books in bag,
goes out. Never gets up early, (only at 12),
Her maid: brings breakfast in bed + brushes her hair.
Has a long bath,
Puts on her dresses,
Gets ready for the theatre (be there at 8.00)

• Homework:
Student ‘s book:
1. Look at the notes above and try to describe what the schoolchild and the film star do every morning. ( useful for a pair work next lesson. Ex 15 second part)
2. Take notes about your typical mornings ( useful for a pair work next lesson. Ex 16)

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