2a Lezione

Corso PET
Docente: Presidente Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi

Lesson 2 del 10/10/2017 Tuesday:

Unit 2: People.

Difference between Great Britain and United Kingdom.

The British isles.

Phrasal verbs:

look at/for/after….

get in/out, down, up ….

People in the family:
Parents and Relatives

Country, nationality,language.

Where are you from? I’m from Italy, I’m Italian , I speak Italian .

Where was he from? Greece.
What about his nationality? Greek.

Present continuous.

What are you doing this evening?

To be:
Present and past.

Homework (Compiti assegnati per casa):

Unit 1 Revision:
MAX ex 1+3+6+9. Fatto in classe pag 11 writing part2
Student Book : ex 19 pag 11.

Unit 2 Revision :

MAX ex 1+3. Fatti in classe ex 8+9.
Student Book: ex 9 pag 14. Fatto in classe: ex 12 + writing part 2 pag 14.

Take into account.
Hope you are fine.
Stage and step:



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