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Lesson 13 (a distanza)
Presidente Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi
• Felicity O’Dell “Total Pet” Student’s book”, Black Cat.
• Felicity O’Dell “Total Pet “Vocabulary Maximizer” , Black Cat.

Reading n°1
Warm up your brain. (https://www.wordreference.com/enit/warm%20up)
1.Read the title first
2.Read the text from beginning to the end.
3.Read once again but this time underline the words you don’t understand.
4.Have a look at their meaning on https://www.wordreference.com/
5.Read once again but this time try to understand what you are reading
6.As you read write questions and answers.
7.Summarise the article.

In Egypt, Tourists Torn Between Ancient Temples and Coronavirus Tests
Egyptian officials insist that it’s safe to visit. But on Monday, tourists in the ancient city of Luxor were confined to their hotels as doctors tested for the virus.
CAIRO — When tourists in Luxor woke up on Monday to find themselves confined to their hotels or cruise ships on the Nile, it seemed that Egypt was taking extreme measures to confront the coronavirus in the ancient town at the heart of its tourism industry.
Government doctors were sent out to test visitors, hoping to stop the spread of the illness. Yet only a fraction of people ended up getting tested, and even before any of the results came back, business quickly returned to normal — with tourists unleashed en masse to visit the town’s fabled temples.
The contradictory and often chaotic approach in Luxor reflects a major dilemma facing Egyptian officials: Can the government continue to welcome cash-carrying visitors at the same time it tries to battle a looming public health crisis in the jewel of its tourism industry?

Reading n°2

8.Read the title first
9.Read the text from beginning to the end.
10.Read once again but this time underline the words you don’t understand.
11.Have a look at their meaning on https://www.wordreference.com/
12.Read once again but this time try to understand what you are reading
13.As you read write questions and answers.
14.Summarise the article.

The first coronavirus death in Africa has been confirmed in Egypt as cases start to spike
March 9, 2020
By Yomi Kazeem
Africa reporter
A 60 year-old male German tourist who arrived in Egypt a week ago has become the continent’s first Covid-19 fatality.
The tourist died yesterday (Mar. 8) after being testing positive for the virus on Friday, Egypt’s health ministry says. The patient, who refused to be moved to an isolation unit, saw his condition markedly deteriorate with breathing complications.
Amid his death, Egypt has also seen its rate of confirmed cases shoot up over the weekend as 45 people who were infected aboard a cruise ship disembarked in Luxor, a coastal city in southern Egypt. The country’s health ministry says the infected ship passengers have since been quarantined in an isolation facility. The infections bring Egypt’s confirmed case count to 48.
Across the rest of the continent, more infections are being confirmed with Algeria seeing a spike last week after nine new cases, all from one family, were discovered. North Africa may be particularly at risk of the outbreak, as their high case counts show, given the region’s proximity to Europe and ties through migration, trade and tourism.
But Sub Saharan Africa is also recording more cases too: South Africa, Cameroon and Togo have all confirmed index cases over the past four days. Nigeria has also confirmed a second case linked to its index case. There could be more to come too as Nigerian public health officials say they are experiencing “challenges” in tracking down people who may have come in contact with its index case. The spate of the outbreak on the continent still pales in comparison with Europe and Asia where cases now number in thousands. But while Africa’s lower rate of infections and fatalities has been subject to debate, experienced public health officials attribute it to African governments being proactive with cautionary measures especially in the wake of lessons from devastating Ebola outbreaks.

Songs and useful things to know and to do about Coronavirus!
Happy Handwashing Song(0.30)
This animated video, sung to the tune of Happy Birthday, encourages kids to wash their hands to keep germs away. The song is sung twice through, the recommended length of time to wash hands.

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson Washes Hands While Singing Happy Birthday

What you need to know about the novel coronavirus (2.28)
A new virus, originating from Wuhan in China, is quickly spreading across the country and around the world. In this video, we highlight the key things you need to know about the outbreak, and how science can help control it.

What happens to your body when you get coronavirus (2.05)

The Coronavirus Song (ft. NerdCity) (1.27)

Mask 101: How to wear your mask
Is the N95 mask or surgical mask more effective to guard against the Novel Coronavirus? Who needs to wear a mask and what’s the proper way to wear it? The Straits Times correspondent Joyce Teo has the answers.

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS ( 0.46)

Use wordreference and list on your notes all the difficult words you don’t know.

Fill in and send me by mail: maurizio.righi@tin.it this chart:
The list of words you didn’t understand:

The questions and answers useful to write the summaries:

The short summaries you have written matching the questions with the answers:

Your problems, impressions and suggestions:

Enjoy yourself!

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