24a Lezione

Corso PET Presidente Maurizio Righi
LESSON 24 Tuesday
12 april 2018

Unit 7 FOOD

• Contents:
Food and cooking: talking about restaurantsmaking food countable, cooking verbs, International dishes.
Restaurant reviews.food shops. Kitchen objects. Menus.
Making suggestions
Writings: letters, emails. General conversations.
Requests and offers: Making requests and offers: Could I have an apple please?

S/S: Listening 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 pag 35 revision:
A) Offers.
Would you like..
Will you have… a lager/stout/bitter. Half pint lager…

B) Requests:
Can/Could/ S hall I have…

Cupboard/wardrobe/chest of drawers/night table..lie.

Revision Vocabulary. Ex 19 + 20 + 21 pag 36.

• Writing Bank: writing paper part 3: continuous writing.

Kulfi – Indian Eggless Ice Cream Recipe by Manjula

Reading. Ex 22 pag 37 unit 7 S/S.

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