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LESSON 9 (Unit5) Tuesday 5 December

Shopping and services:
Ways of shopping,
Using Services,
Making complaints:
Excuse me. There is a problem with..
She ‘s cutting her hair/
she’s having her hair cut :
• ex 11 pag 28.
To do/ to make

• MAX: TELL/ASK —-Ex n°4 pag 24: Read and complete the sentences +
Pag 25: Vocabulary Extension 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 (Tasks) + 9 (Speaking).
Would you mind + ing . Would you mind getting/ buying me some bread?
In cash./By credit card…
Doesn’t work.
Manage to: save/ do something…
Cash machine.
Hard-Fi- Cash Machine (Lyrics)

Can you lend me some money?(dare a prestito) /Can I borrow…. (prendere a prestito).

• S/S: Vocabulary ex 9 + 10 pag 28.
Marks & Spencer/ Harrods/Selfridges = department stores.
Stratford shopping center. http://stratfordshopping.co.uk/

A) GRAMMAR: student book pag 28 (FAR FARE)
You can GET/HAVE your hair trimmed by a hairdresser….. Ex 11 pag 28.
How do you use have or get something done to talk about things that other people do for you? Watch this video lesson to find out…
Learn English grammar | Have / get something done ( 3.01)

• FIX: http://www.wordreference.com/enit/fix

• Homework:
We often use HAVE and GET in the passive as causative verbs – verbs that indicate one thing causes another. They indicate a service is being performed and this video has lots of examples.
My boss made me work hard. Il mio principale mi ha fatto lavorare molto.
(mi ha costretto a)
She doesn’t let her son drive. Lei non fa guidare suo figlio. (non lascia)
I got her to share my opinion. Le ho fatto condividere la mia opinione.
(l’ho persuasa a)

The film was so sad that it made me cry. Il film era così triste che mi ha fatto piangere.
This joke always makes me laugh. Questa barzelletta mi fa sempre ridere.
That present makes me think of you. Quel regalo mi fa pensare a te.

I had my car repaired. Mi sono fatto riparare la macchina.
Sarah is having her eyes tested. Sarah si sta facendo controllare la vista.
Will you get this report translated? Ti farai tradurre questa relazione?
Do you usually have your shirts ironed? Di solito ti fai stirare le camicie?
L’ordine delle parole è molto importante in questa costruzione. Confronta le seguenti frasi:
He had his car washed. Si fece lavare la macchina.
He had washed his car. Aveva lavato la macchina.

Mrs Norris is a good teacher. She makes herself loved by her pupils. La signoraNorris è una buona insegnante. Si fa amare dai suoi studenti.
You always let yourself be cheated. Ti fai sempre ingannare.

It’s getting dark / late. Si sta facendo buio/ tardi.
It’s becoming more and more difficult to park. Si fa sempre più difficile parcheggiare.
The situation is getting confused. La situazione si fa confusa.

to let a person in / out far entrare/ uscire qualcuno
to let a person know far sapere a qualcuno
to let a person have far avere a qualcuno
to keep a person waiting far aspettare qualcuno
to send for a person far chiamare/ venire qualcuno

to grow far crescere
to boil far bollire
to drop far cadere
to charge far pagare

• Christmas Songs
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Nursery Rhymes with lyrics

Fredrika Stahl – Twinkle twinkle little star (2.27)

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