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Corso PET 2018/19 🇬🇧 📚
Presidente Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi
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Lesson 10


Thursday morning forecast 31/01/2019
31 January – National weather forecast presented by Alex deakin

Hello welcome to your latest update (aggiornamento) from the Met office our hard frost (gelo) on Thursday morning and further (ulteriori) problems, with the wintry (gelido/invernale) weather like to cause more travel disruption (disagi) with ice and snow, ice particular on Thursday morning, snow more through Thursday afternoon and into the evening, but actually both, on Thursday morning, across the north west of Scotland for the snow showers (rovesci) coming in here, elsewhere across Scotland generally a dry bright (secco e brillante) but very frosty (gelido) start temperatures in rural areas, down to negative double figures (cifre), frosty start to for Northern Ireland with a few showers around Irish sea coasts and in the southwest it could be icy (ghiacciato/gelido) here as well and fog also an extra hazard (pericolo/rischio) because parts of the Midlands quite dense (fitte) and quite slow to clear, for many it is a dry bright Thursday morning, as well as being on the cold side but, here comes something of a change weather into Cornwall, rain initially here but turning slowly more and more to snow as edges (si avvicina) into southwest England and parts of south Wales, the winds also picking up (si sollevano) as well, so with the wet weather here, cold feels, it’s a very bleak afternoon, elsewhere well, once the folks (gente) gone it’s mostly dry and bright, there’ll be some snow showers, in northern Scotland but, many places seeing some sunshine, and temperature getting up to 2 or 3 degrees, so still on the cold side and if the fog sticks (si appicica) which it may well do in some parts of eastern England, while temperatures could struggle much to get above freezing, in the far south west sight of things, trying to turn a bit milder, but it’s here of course, where we’ve got that mix of rain initially turning more and more to snow spreading into parts of Wales up towards the Midland across southern east England through the evening rush air (corrente d’aria) some uncertainty about the progress and the intensity of this snow but it does have the potential to cause disruption to the transport network, this is through the evening rush hours (ore di punta)so many of the major routes, could be seeing snow falling, the M3 the M5the M4 especially and around, the M25 maybe as well as I said some uncertainty, about the intensity and how far north it spreads it may well drift (andare/ cumuli din neve) across the Midlands, into parts of east Anglia through the evening even on the coast, where we’d normally expect to see rain, there could be snow falling here too, it really is on a knife edge (filo del rasoio) and so that ’s why there is uncertainty, about how much we’ll see but broadly speaking (strano a dirsi) in the zone from Wales, down across East Anglia the middle in southeast England and southwest England, one to three centimeters, were expecting but some places could see as much as 10 centimeters, particularly over the hills of south Wales and southwest England so, as I said, like because some travel disruption, why are we getting that, while it’s from a weather front, which is edging northwards, and also hitting the colder air sitting across the UK, and that kind pivoting (ruotando) around, it kind of sits still for a while later Thursday and into Friday, before starting to draw back down to the south as we go into Friday, notice the ice about squeezing together (voler star pigiato) as well so the winds will be strengthening making it feel, all the colder there’s ,that why, they’ re from still around on Friday morning potentially, still bringing some sleet and snow, particularly to east Anglia and the South East, before gradually easing off (attenuare) for many Friday’s dry and fine and sunny, but there will be still showers this time all likely, across northeast England eastern Scotland so it could be icy here on Friday morning for many again elsewhere there’ll be, some sunshine but again it will be cold temperatures, just 3 or 4 degrees and feeling colder with the winds on the North sea, becoming, well perhaps a little less intense the weather into the weekend, but staying cold again hard frost’s likely (presumibilmente) on Friday night but not as much snow around, but, I say for the next 20 to 36 hours, there’s likely to be some issues (sbocco), so make sure you keep up to date with the very latest weather warnings (avvisi) you can do that on the Met office, website follow us on social media or download, the Met office weather apple app.

Like what = di che genere
to edge=avvicinarsi



Talking About the Weather in English – Spoken English Lesson

In this class, you’ll learn how to talk about the weather in English.
Talking about the weather in English can help with your conversation skills.
We will teach you phrases, idioms, and vocabulary to describe weather in English.
Do you know what it means if someone says ‘it’s chucking it down today?’ If someone says ‘it’s baking today’, do you know what they are talking about?
British people are famous for talking about the weather. Do you know why? It’s because in the UK we have a lot of weather. You never know what the weather will be like. You can have all four seasons in one day.
We are going to look at a typical British day, so the weather is going to be very changeable. This means that weather can change quickly and unpredictably. It can be sunny, and then 30 minutes later, it will start snowing.
In this lesson, you can learn:
1. Useful English vocabulary and phrases to talk about different types of weather.
2. How to use idioms and other native-English phrases to describe different kinds of weather.
3. How to use the new words and phrases in full, clear English sentences.

Talking about COLD weather:

Chilly (little cold)= freddino
Light jacket/no coat/ no scarf
Freezing (very cold)
You can see your breath/see the air when you breath.

Midge Ure – Breathe (Lyrics + traduzione)

Karaoke Breathe – Midge Ure

You need bundle up! (imbacuccarti) to keep warm.

Talking about Rain:

It’s drizzling (pioviscola) raining lightly/ no heavy.
It’s spitting (schizzetta) lighter than drizzling .
Suddenly the heavens open= it starts raining heavily.
It’s chucking it down= heavy rain /it’s raining a lot.

Chuck it Down: British Idiom – Definition and Example

My clothes are getting soaked (fradici) / very wet.

Damp= slightly wet (umido)

Talking about the BAD weather:

It’s very overcast (the clouds are covering the sky, you can’t see the sun) and dark overhead ( the clouds are very dark ).
There is a Storm brewing (starts very soon)

Eg: A big storm is brewing between us and Caracas.

I can see lightening /thunder
Thunderstorm = (temporale) lightening /thunder + Chucking it down (heavy rain).
The winds pick up – gale (very strong wind) (burrasca/vento molto forte)
There isn’t a cloud in the sky ( It’s baking hot!)
Still (no wind at all)

It’s scorcher today (it’s boiling)—–it is extremely hot!
frozing surface
Below freezing.
frost on the ground
sleeting (snow melts when it falls) (nevischia)
Flurry of snow (spruzzata di neve)
Blizzard (snow storm)
Turn into blizzard (lots of snow / tempesta di neve

Heavy Snowstorm Sounds For Sleeping, Relaxing ~ Blizzard Snow Howling Wind Winter Storm Ambience

Slash melting snow
Snow turns into slush when the weather gets warmer.

“have/take a slash” means: to urinate.

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