Lesson 2

Lesson n°2 – 30th of November 2022 

English course by Ex Prof. Maurizio Righi

Topic of the lesson: Revision/brush up our previous lesson before going on  

 Nice to meet you = Piacere di conoscerla   Nice to see you = Che bello vederti  
Secondo me. Used only according to a credible source Eg: according to the Newyork Time/To Sky News..   I think
I believe
In my opinion
From my prospective
From my point of view
The way I see is.. 
  When the going gets tough, the tough get going Quando il gioco si fa duro e i duri cominciano a giocare   
Prendere le difese di qualcuno.. (dire la verità)  Argue with: No Need To Argue – The Cranberries (Lyrics)(2.52)

Clip The Cranberries “No Need to argue”(3.41)

 HOMEWORK: Skylar Grey – Stand By Me (Official)(2.27)

tumble= cade/rotola
crumble= si sbriciola /sgretola
shed a tear =  Stand by Me |
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows – The Royal Wedding – BBC (8.16)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZcQhZHr354
That is probably the most beautiful version of Stand by Me I ever heard. 
Every time I argue with my parents my sister always backs me upPhrasal Verbs: Back Someone Up (0.32

boost = incoraggiamento/supporto

 Why have you decided to take side with Tom? (someone)