Lesson 8

Lesson n°8 – 25th of January 2023 

Relative Pronouns, Defining and NON defining Relative Clauses (21.17)

A look back at the life and films of Gina Lollobrigida (2.01)

Italian actor Gina Lollobrigida, who achieved international film stardom during the 1950s and was *dubbed (soprannominata/doppiare) ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ after the title of one her movies, died in Rome on Monday, her agent said. She was 95. 

At the height of her fame in the 1950s  and 1960s , Lollobrigida, who was known simply as ‘La Lollo’, was an internationally recognised *epitome/(modello/simbolo)of Italian post-war cinema, rivalled only by Sophia Loren. When she stopped making films, Lollobrigida developed new careers as a photographer  and sculptor  and was also a UNICEF((United Nations children’s fund) *goodwill ambassador (ambasciatrice di buona volontà).



* https://www.wordreference.com/enit/goodwill


Fill in the gaps with the right words: (Soprannominare/ doppiare)

  1.     dubbing 

2.      dubbed to dub
 Susan’s classmates –2– her  “four-eyes” because she wore glasses. 
The studio –2– the music into the movie after they’d finished everything  else 
The Belgian actor Jean Claude Van Damme has been —2— “ Muscle from Brussels” 
Many european countries prefer –3–films rather than watch them with subtitles. 
I’d rather watch a film with subtitles than one–2–in English. 
Translating films for –1–and subtitling require special skills distinct from those outside the field. 
We –2–him”Fatty” 


dubbed/ dubbed/ dubbed/to dub/ dubbed/ dubbing/ dubbed.

Brush up before going on:

Check your Homework: Fill in the gaps with the right words:


Hide/argue with/back up/tackled/hiding/kill/love/take side with/hiding/get/gets When the going gets tough, the tough get going 
Every time I argue with my parents my sister always backs me up 
Why have you decided to take side with Tom? 
I’d rather  kill me than love him 
He tackled the problem of shoplifting installing CCTV 
I never hide my opinions 
The cat is  hiding the bone while the dog is hiding a fish. 
Idioms: Once bitten, twice shy (o-.24)
If someone has a bad experience in which he is injured, humiliated or frightened in some manner, he does not wish to repeat the experience.

The term once bitten twice shy =chi si scotta con la minestra bollente soffia anche su quella fredda, is ascribed ( attribuito) to Aesopand it is the moral to his story of “The Dog and the Wolf”. 

The Wolf & the House Dog


Downhearted/sad + then and there (immediately, on the spot)+humbly(umilmente)+miserably(not happy)+ bite(boccone)+to get along(caversela)+canes(bastoni)+fawn on the people(adulare)+tidbits (bocconcini)+worn(logoro)+chafed(irritata/sdrusciata)+trifle(sciocchezza,bazzecola)+fastened (allaciata/fissata)+don’t give/care a rap  (for someone or something)To not care in the slightest (about someone or something); to not have any interest at all (in someone or something). don’t care a rap for politics, to be honest, so I don’t bother voting. He made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t care a rap, so I didn’t bother to invite him. 

The Wolf & the House Dog

English Stories For Kids | The Wolf And The House Dog | Short Stories For Children (2.46)


There was once a Wolf who got very little to eat because the Dogs of the village were so wide awake and watchful. He was really nothing but skin and bones, and it made him very downhearted (sad) to think of it.One night this Wolf happened to fall in with a fine fat House Dog who had wandered a little too far from home. The Wolf would gladly have eaten him then and there (immediately/ on the spot), but the House Dog looked strong enough to leave his marks should he try it. So the Wolf spoke very humbly (umilmente) to the Dog, complimenting him on his fine appearance.“You can be as well-fed (nutrito)  as I am if you want to,” replied the Dog. “Leave the woods; there you live miserably (not happy). Why, you have to fight hard for every bite  boccone) you get. Follow my example and you will get along (te la caverai) beautifully.”“What must I do?” asked the Wolf.“Hardly anything (quasi niente),” answered the House Dog. “Chase (rincorri)  people who carry canes (bastoni), bark (abbaia) at beggars, and fawn on (adula) the people of the house. Inreturn (in cambio)you will get tidbits (bocconcini)  of every kind, chicken bones, choice bits of meat, sugar, cake, and much more beside, not to speak of kind words and caresses.”The Wolf had such a beautiful vision of his coming happiness that he almost wept (pianse). But just then he noticed that the hair on the Dog’s neck was worn (logoro)and the skin was chafed (irritata/sdrusciata).“What is that on your neck?”“Nothing at all,” replied the Dog.“What! nothing!”“Oh, just a trifle (sciocchezza,bazzecola)!”“But please tell me.”“Perhaps you see the mark of the collar to which my chain is fastened             (allaciata/fissata).”“What! A chain!” cried the Wolf. “Don’t you go wherever you please?”“Not always! But what’s the difference?” replied the Dog.“All the difference in the world!  * I don’t care a rap for your feasts and I wouldn’t take all the tender young lambs in the world at that price.” And away ran the Wolf to the woods. Remeber this children: Freedom is everything! 


1. What does liberty mean?
2. What does “trifle” mean when the Dog says the mark from his collar is “just a trifle”?
3. What was one thing the Dog told the Wolf he must do if he was to live among people?
4. Why do you think the idea of a chain upsets (sconvolge)  the Wolf? 
1 ……….
2  ………..
3 One of the following:…..
4 It means …………


1. What does liberty mean?
2. What does “trifle” mean when the Dog says the mark from his collar is “just a trifle”?3. What was one thing the Dog told the Wolf he must do if he was to live among people?
4. Why do you think the idea of a chain upsets the Wolf? 
A little thing
One of the following: Chase people who carry canes(bastoni), bark at beggars, and fawn(adulano) on the people of the house.
It means he wouldn’t be able to go where he wants; he wouldn’t be free anymore. 
Many proverbs and idioms originated with Aesop, including:
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
( Non contare i polli prima che escano dall’uovo/ non fare I conti senza l’oste..)

English Proverb : Don’t count your chickens before they hatch | The milkmaid and her pail story (2.30)


Look before you leap (Guarda prima di saltare/ non essere precipitoso)

Look Before You Leap | Animated Videos For Children | Manorama Online (0.58)

Fill the gaps with: 
A   “Don’t /not to count your chickens before they hatch”/ non fare I conti senza l’oste
B   “ blows my mind”/( mi manda fuori testa/ mi fa impazzire)
C   “care a rap”/( non si cura affatto/ se ne frega..
D   “Once bitten, twice shy/ 
E   “look before your leap”/ (Guarda prima di saltare/non essere precipitoso)
  — E —, for snakes among sweet flowers creep (strisciano)

I am really worried about of using elevator again since I was stuck into it for hours  ———

That really ——- how anyone could believe that story

It just ——– when I go on the Internet and see people chatting.

Man, that song ————

……….see before you go

I can understand an error but ” dates may be wrong by a year or two ” —– B— —.

Ways of connecting require not only special hardware and software but also a relationship with an Internet service provider, known as an ISP .  ———-, and add up all the costs and benefits.

She wanted to buy a dress in case someone asked her to the dance, but I told her not to ———–——–.

…………Don’t be so foolhardy( imprudente, avventato)

They don’t ——— for their customers—they only care about making money!

After having a so  bad experience with Tom she certainly won’t marry again ———-

I will never work with Peter again. He expects everyone to do the work on his behalf, ———-

Your revenue ( reddito, entrate) will be stable this year. ———-into investiment.

That just ———— for some reason.

He made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t ——so I didn’t bother to invite him.

It ——– when I think of that.

You need to ——– in the future .

We are careful about renting an apartment from that company. The previous one was terrible.  

Since my little daughter fell from the swing, she doesn’t like swinging it anymore. Truly said, ———- 
Look at these pictures . describe them orally eg: