Lesson 7

Lesson n°7 – 18th of January 2023 

Edward Christopher SheeranBorn 17 February 1991 (age 32)
Halifax, West Yorkshire,  
Education Thomas Mills High School
OccupationsSinger-songwriter+ guitarist+record producer+actor
Years active2004–present
Wife: Cherry Seaborn (m. 2019)​
Children:  2 WEBSITE: www.edsheeran.com


Ripped= strappati
Heal/mend = guarire/curare/rammendare
Swear= giurare, promettere
Bleed= sanguinare
Hold=tenere, stringere
Fit= andar bene, calzare
Necklace=collana/eiaculazione sul petto/seno
Hurt= fare male
Lamp post= palo della luce/lampione
More examples:
Yesterday I ripped my trousers.
How to heal faster with COVID?
My ripped trousers need a mend.
My nose is bleeding.
I always wear shoes that fit well to prevent callus formation.
Take my money but don’t hurt me!
There are many lamp posts in this square.
My husband never whispers sweet words in my ear! 

Ed Sheeran – Photograph (Lyrics) (4.17)

Ed Sheeran – Photograph (lyrics) (7.21)

Ed Sheeran – Photograph (Official Music Video) (4.34)

Brush up before going on:

Fill in the gaps with the words on the right:

the fireworks …………. sono finiti
feeling ……………tristi
every …………….is a friend
we might ……………….and die
brave new ……………
I see how it ………………prospera
of clayhe’s…………è smarrito
nothing more than……. on the floor
waiting down the ………..
 lay down, 
are through, 


1.     the fireworks are through
2.     feeling blue
3.     every neighbour is a friend
4.     we might lay down and die
5.     brave new world
6.      I see how it thrives
7.     feet of clay
8.     he’s astray
9.     nothing more than confetti on the floor10. waiting down the line

Write a sentence for each of the words written in black:

shining/gleaming brillante/splendente

loud/deafening alto/assordante  

slow/sluggish apatico , fiacco, abulico, lento, pigro   

serious/grave. Grave,serio 
There was a  gleaming sun  up in the sky 
That music  was too loud for me! 
Europe is facing a sluggish growth with near deflation and growing inequalities. 
I have grave doubts about this plan! 
calm/serene tranquillo, calmo 

intelligent/brilliant geniale, acuto 

confused/perplexed perplessi/confusi 

scared/Petrified atterrito, pietrificato, terrorizzato   
Be serene! 
Your brother is  so brilliant! 
I’m very confused! 
I saw a ghost !
You have no idea how petrified/scared I was!    

More examples:

shining/gleaming brillante/splendente 

loud/deafening alto/assordante   

slow/sluggish apatico, fiacco, abulico  

serious/grave. Grave,serio 
There was a  gleaming sun  up in the sky
The construction sound (suoni del cantiere) were deafening!
I am often sluggish in the morning, 
Circustances in the Ukranian war are very grave! 
calm/serene tranquillo, calmo 

intelligent/brilliant geniale,acuto 

confused/perplexed. Perlessi/confusi 

scared/Petrified. Atterrito, pietrificato  
In the midst of the upheaval (trambusto) he remained serene.
David is a brilliant guy.
When the teacher wrote examples on the board, the students where still perplexed.
The Petrified children watched the horror movie, paralysed with fear.

Match the pictures with the right words:

Grammar hint:

I pronomi relativi: WHO- WHICH- THAT (2.14)


Fill in the gaps with the right words:


argue with  

back up                       





take side with 



When the going ————tough, the tough ———–going                Every time I ——————-my parents
my sister always——— me ———  
Why have you decided to ————————Tom? 
I’d rather ——————–me than ………………………him 
He ———————-the problem of shoplifting installing CCTV I never ————-my opinions 
The cat is —————-the bone while the cat is hiding a fish.